Weary Horse Inn

This is where our adventure begins as most good stories do on a dark and stormy night.

Old Svalich Road

Black pools of water stand like dark mirrors about the muddy roadway. A pall of thick, cold mist spreads over the ground. Giant tree trunks stand guard on both sides of the road, their branches clawing at the mists. In every direction the fog grows thicker and the forest seems more oppressive.

Gates of Barovia

Gray in the fog, high stone pillars loom up from the impenetrable woods on both sides of the road. Huge iron gates hang from the stonework, dew clinging to their rusting bars. Standing before the pillars are two stone statues of armed guardians with wicked polearms. Their carved heads lie among the weeds at their feet, neatly broken from the stone shoulders.

Village of Barovia

A mid-sized town in the wooded foothills of the Lysaga Mountains it sits barely north of the Ivlis Marsh in the misty shadow of Castle Ravenloft. It has had a run of bad luck of late. Beginning with increased bandit activity that claimed the life of Doru, Father Danovich’s only son, the unexpected death of the Burgomaster, Kolyan Indirovich, and the plague wresting the dead from their graves.

Blood of the Vine Tavern

The structure was once finely appointed, though it has suffered from poor upkeep over the years. It serves as the central meeting point for most of the village and sees a brisk business most evenings. When in town the Vistani make this tavern a second home.

Church of the Raven

A gray, sagging edifice of stone and wood stands atop a slight rise, surrounded by a centuries old graveyard and an elaborately wrought iron fence. Recently destroyed by a comet of green flame. The resulting crater is littered with bits of metal, bone, and stone. With the exception of a small area that has been torn and twisted away the fence seems to be unharmed.

Burgomasters home

An aged and dilapidated mansion squats behind a rusting iron fence, but the gates have been twisted open—one lies torn from its hinges, while the other swings crazily in the wind, screeching and clanging with mindless repetition. The house beyond is marked by claws, fires, and ominous stains. Every window is boarded. Even in the present state of dilapidation the interior is kept in a fine fashion. There are a total of five servants working in the mansion.

Svalich Woods

A truly ancient forest that has been rumored to shelter bandits, ghosts, werewolves, and various and sundry other monsters from the realm of fairy stories. Deep within its bounds lies an ancient carved tree that rises high above the ever present mists that shroud the land. Nestled in this grove is a stone circle bearing runes of power and protection.

The Forest Fane

In the grove of the tallest tree in all the realm lies a circle of carved stone. At the center of the stone a pair of holes appear to have been bored. Beneath this stone lies a burial chamber.

Ivlis River

The main source of water for Barovia. It flows from its source in the north eastern Lysaga mountains through the Ivlis Marsh in the south west to join the Hyclades River that empties into the Sea of Torments five hundred miles to the north

Ivlis Marsh

At the lowest point of the valley, the river Ivlis stretches wide and seems to take over the land. Patches of dead-gray reeds and small stands of moss-hung trees replace the dense forest, and pools of murky water attract clouds of insects. Perhaps a quarter of a mile into this marsh, you can just make out the silhouettes of broken stone walls. Nearly a three days travel into the marsh sits a hill surrounded by standing stones containing a rune etched circular stone covering the Swamp Fane.

The Swamp Fane

The top of a hill that rises from the Ivlis Marsh has been flattened and ringed with standing stones. in the center of the ring sits a circular stone that has been carved with ancient runes describing power and protection. At the center of the stone is an intricately constructed trapdoor that opens into a burial chamber.

Tser Pool

A deep and slow moving section of the Ivlis River near a broad shady clearing near the road east of the Village of Barovia. The Vistani traders like to make camp here when they pass through these lands.

Tser Falls

The largest single drop in elevation of the Ivlis River. It drops nearly a thousand feet here and a single switchback road climbs this fall in a manner that takes travelers behind the falls and across a natural stone bridge in front of the falls approximately three hundred feet from the river below.

Lysaga Mountains

To the northeast of Barovia the Lysaga Mountains rise above the mists. Theses mountains contain many mines. Some mines pull precious metals and gems from deep within the earth. Others cut the hard stone for building materials. The basalt quarry near Castle Ravenloft produces stone sought by artisans throughout the world. A hidden path that leads from the southern end of the quarry into the foothills below the castle seems to disappear into the side of the mountain.

The Mountain Fane

A spiral shaft rises from a tunnel that lies beyond a carved stone archway in the side of a mountain. At the top of the shaft the remnants of a citadel lie in ruin. between a pair of dilapidated buildings a rune covered stone has been set into the cobbles.


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