Character Generation

Generating your Character

Generate your ability scores by rolling 4d6 and dropping the lowest roll for each of the abilities. You may re-roll any roll that contains three or more 1’s as well as one of the abilities of your choice (you must use this result regardless).

Select your race and class, all races and classes present in both the Playtest and Basic rules are legal and available for play. If you have a unique or creative idea, let me know and we will discuss it.

Backgrounds are optional for this campaign. All currently published backgrounds are usable if you choose to use one.

Feats are optional in this campaign.

Please see the Skill set page for rules on assigning skills.

Equipment: you can select one weapon or set of armor for free. All other equipment must either be purchased using the standard 175 starting gold or taken from the suggestions from your class and background.

Character Generation

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