Tales of Caledonia

When the fire burns blue

The figures are chanting the evil lord’s name: Morthal. The blue flames are associated with him.
The witches are Lesaiga witches. The staked out goat changes into a human in dark robes. We battle. We kill some of the witches but not enough to disrupt the summoning. The goat-were sacrifices himself to open a doorway through which a demon emerges. Then the chanting stops as the summoning is completed, and the demon they were summoning emerges as well, as the ground glows blue. After this, all of the witches disappear as do the doorways in which they were standing.
Each demon on their action produces vrocks. G1 produces 2, while G2 produces 3. We commence attacking.
We defeat the enemies. Circle with runes is now cracked.
Hawk communes with deity.
—has Strahd’s power been weakened because of this defeat? Yes
—is there someone in Barovia who has 40,000 gp of valuables? No



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