Tales of Caledonia

The Thrice Locked Chest

We find the King’s Road. We go left up toward the mountains. Two days on the road and then we start to climb upward. We come to a 3-way fork in the road and there’s a sign.

Left: to the falls Straight: Ravenloft Right: the Quarry

We go straight. After a half day’s travel the trees become sparse. After a day, we are on a bare mountain path. After three days of travel we can see the quarry. We can see that there are people working. It’s about 1-1 ½ miles away. Hurrn sees a guardhouse that is another day out. It’s abandoned, or appears to be at least.
We reach the guardhouse and confirm that it is abandoned. It looks like it’s been blasted in an attack. There were magical wards here, but they are weakened now. The wards would have sent an alert to somewhere when the place was attacked. We rest here.
As we rise and prepare for the day…. (the giant bat is still keeping tabs on us)….we hear a cart roll by. It appears loaded down. We can tell it’s coming from the north and heading south-down the mountain. We can hear it, but we can’t see it. Damian stands in front of the cart and it passes through him and continues on. We continue north up the mountain. Hurrn says he sees a bridge-300’ long.
Gordaz tests the bridge. It appears to be fine. We all cross and continue up the path. We look back and we see the remains of a wagon at the base of the cliff. Gordaz checks it out while we continue on, where we reach a dead end. We can see a gap in between the mountain where there’s the outline of a castle. The road goes through an arch stoneway.
Gordaz finds a chest in the wagon and it has three locks made of silver, copper, and iron.
Hawk communes with a deity-fane is more than two days travel and is east of where we are. WE head toward the quarry. We stay overnight in the guard house again. Gordaz speaks with the dead (head of the driver of the cart we found). The eye’s glow green like when the chain lord came (green light signifies a gateway to the dead being opened).
—does he know what’s in the chest: it’s heavy, valuable, and get it out of Bavaria
—who has keys: priest in the castle that loaded it
—where was he taking the chest: jewel cities by the ocean
—what caused the fall: storm, horse spooked and bridge gave out
—how to cross the drawbridge to get to the castle: pay 2 silver to the guard
We go down the trail. Three days travel toward the area Hurrn felt. First night: wide area to camp-previous campsite. Second day: washed out area, more hazardous to cross. Third day: we arrive at the area near the quarry-it has an archway, an odd entrance and exit. There are runes around the archway.
I divine. We should go through the archway without altering it. We enter the tunnel, near the end the air becomes heavy, and the passage spirals upward. The feel of magic is everywhere. The feeling increases as we continue on. We go up 300’ above the quarry, on top of the mountain. We find the remains of a keep. It’s dilapidated. We cannot see certain features from the mountaintop, like the Castle of Ravenloft—even though we know it’s there.



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