Tales of Caledonia

The Blighted Citadel

We see three buildings that are manmade and still standing. The fort is circular and the buildings are small. The two small ones are cleared out, and the small one has a small herd of goats. There is a nine-pointed chalk star and a summoning circle south of the building with the goats. There’s a lot of ambient magic around the summoning circle. The nine-pointed star is associated with big evil giant, Morthal the Silent.
We explore the first building on the left. It appears to have been a prison at one point in time, it’s well-kept, and has a herd of goats that are locked up.
The second building is the largest that is still standing. It has pallet tables that have about 12 bowls on it with seasonings and leaves for its contents. There’s a liquid that smells really bad also. We search and find vials of poison and other miscellaneous stuff. I take them all.
The third building has been cleared out, but has stores of wood for a fire.
Og takes a goat to the summoning circle, but it doesn’t react.
The circle of runes is similar to some of the other fanes. It’s harder to read the runes as the sun is going down. They appear to be runes for connection.
Hawk-Strahd has taken the tower, there are no side quests required to fix this fane. There are extra runes to hide evil things from seeing the circle. Each point in the star has a small doorway. Words are written inside the star. We begin to hear chanting. Fake doors fall way and blue fire appears with a figure in each doorway. They are each holding an object.



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