Skill set

Skills derive from Abilities. Abilities are coupled into sets of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary couplets. The total of the Ability Modifiers for Primary should be (but are not required to be) greater than Secondary and Tertiary. Likewise, Secondary should be greater than Tertiary. If the Modifiers are equal, the couplets can be of equal value. Mark an X indicating whether the ability is Primary (P), Secondary (S), or Tertiary (T) in the provided boxes on the character sheet

For example, Thurgar the Barbarian’s abilities are coupled as follows: Primary – STR, DEX; Secondary – CON, INT; Tertiary – WIS, CHA.

His Abilities are: STR 18 (4) DEX 16 (3) CON 14 (2) INT 12 (1) WIS 8 (-1) CHA 10 (+0)

Skill Ranks are assigned to the Ability sets. Primary Abilities have a base of 15 ranks plus the Ability Modifiers for that set. Secondary Abilities have a base of 10 plus that set’s Modifiers. Tertiary Abilities have a base of 5 plus applicable Modifiers.

Thurgar, then, has 22 ranks in his Primary Skill Sets, 8 in his Secondary, and 4 in his Tertiary.

Skill Ranks do not have to be applied to skills within the relevant Skill Sets. However, applying ranks outside the Skill Sets under their governing abilities cost more ranks. To purchase a rank in a Secondary Skill Set with a Primary Rank costs 2x the number of ranks. Similarly, a Tertiary Skill Set rank costs 3x as much if purchased with a Primary Skill Set rank. Secondary Skill Set ranks can purchase ranks in Tertiary Skill Sets for 2x the cost. Basically, for every step – Primary to Secondary, Secondary to Tertiary, Secondary to Primary, Tertiary to Secondary, the cost increases in an amount equal to the steps taken.

Skill Set Ranks Cost
Primary to Secondary 2x
Secondary to Tertiary 2x
Primary to Tertiary 3x

Finally, Thurgar decides to spend some of his Primary Ranks to purchase 3 ranks in Handle Animal, a Tertiary skill. These ranks will cost Thurgar 9 ranks. (Nobody ever accused Thurgar of being too wise.)

Skill Sets
STRENGTH (Climb, Jump, Swim)
DEXTERITY (Balance, Escape Artist, Hide, Move Silently, Open Lock, Ride, Sleight of Hand, Tumble, Use Rope)
CONSTITUTION (Concentration)
INTELLIGENCE (Appraise, Craft, Decipher Script, Disable Device, Forgery, Knowledge, Search, Spellcraft)
WISDOM (Healing, Listen, Profession, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival)
CHARISMA (Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Perform, Use Magic Device)

Maximum Skill Ranks
No Skills can have a modifier greater than twice the character level. This limit does not include the skill bonus provided by your race/class.

Gaining Skill Ranks
Characters gain Skill Ranks each level equal to their total Ability Modifiers in each couplet. These Skill Ranks are assigned to the Primary, Secondary or Tertiary skill sets. If Modifiers result in zero or negative modifiers, no Ranks are awarded in that skill set. However, these skills can be raised in the same fashion as new skills are with the ranks coming from another skill set. Added multiplier costs apply to these ranks.

Starting Higher than 1st Level
Characters beginning their careers at levels higher than one can follow this simple formula to calculate their available skill points. Couplet total (P,S, or T) x Starting Level + Couplet base (P-15, S-10, or T-5)

Skill set

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