Tales of Caledonia

Tracking the Chain Lord

We get six warg pelts and one extra dire wolf pelt (Falkner and Gordaz get one each in addition). One magical battleaxe-has warding and defensive properties. Same bonus as using a shield, +1 attack. Gordaz takes it. Two small handaxes, leather armor, 60’ length of chain, iron, weighs 75 pounds (Falkner takes it). Also, 20 gold pieces, and I harvest enough wood from the tree for arrows and staffs. It’s midafternoon.
We find 19 traps and Og carries them.
We continue up the mountain, and the day begins getting darker, and it starts raining just before nightfall. We send Nedreama (by land) and Gordaz (by air) to spy. We see the creature is heading toward heavier growth of the forest.
It’s humanoid, wearing leather armor and has gray skin. They hear muttering, but in three different voices through heads on each soldier. There is a chain wrapped around his torso, big enough to secure a ship and a Farcash sized chain around his hand with a cage attached. The cage is empty, and one that he can use as a trap. He also has an iron maiden on his back (has the face of the mother of death). The creature is saying “must find it and must return it.”
Hurrn sees an unusually tall pine tree in the forest. Under it is a perfect ring of no trees. He feels the place is sacred. Lawrence goes ahead to the circle. Hurrn is on lookout. They will see: a hill giant equipped for a fight and two ogres equipped with hunting stuff. The two ogres are cooking. The hill giant is as large as what’s coming. There are sacred symbols on the tree. It’s carved all of the way up to the canopy in a celtic style-runes of warding and protection. The tree is fireproof.
Clearing is 100’ across with tree in center. Hill giant is to rear, right of tree; rune circle is to right of tree, Madame Eva’s wagon and horses are directly in front of tree, and ogres cooking are to left of tree.
Lawrence and I go to talk to Madame Eva. She says that what is coming will not find what he seeks with her. She has seen his rise and fall and she will survive. We ask if we survive. She says that we will find out soon, but says that your paths diverge here. The other creatures here owe allegiance to her. We all go in the same direction, but take different paths. For our quest to be a success the creature must be dealt with. The things the mother used to hold dear hurt her avatars. What is sought used to reside in the top of the tree, but now it resides in a higher place. A man came by many years ago and now it remains active. The fanes are wellsprings of power, now directed toward protection-if the direction is reset, it can be magic or mundane. She cannot assist in our task as it is not on her path. The protections on the tree are against flame, rot and age.
The creature arrives. Madame Eva says “flee fools” and we go hide.
Nedreama finds a space in the tree roughly his height, where something is ripped out. Shards of red crystals in opening—are the color of blood.



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