Tales of Caledonia

The Swamp Fane

We try to figure out how to deactivate the fane.
—overgrowth is unnatural and overcharged because of magic
—ancient power—once home to several sites, it would it would live here part of the year (1 of 4 sites)
—there are two holes in the center of the table, the size of two fingers-perhaps to lift it. It turns when adjusted with fingers inserted
—sense of magic. We see the image of a skull. It is a concentration of power the size of a softball.
We remove the stone and there is nothing but darkness below. We drop a lit stone and it hits stone—another stone table. This one has a shroud covered body laying on it. There is an aura of holy magic. We find a functional trap—one that was recently used and recently reset. Rudimentary. We deactivate it.
The shroud is covered in normal cloth and there is a holy symbol similar to the Ravenkind symbol. The skull on the body is not the one that belongs to the body. It is cleaner and appears to have been bleached. It is covered in carved runes that are also divine in nature. They provide a protection from arrows. The skull shows more recent preparation, the rest of the skeleton is covered with dirt and normal decay. There is a sense of necromancy about the skull. After performing a divination, we see a skull in a bag, a forest, a mountain, a hand, and a mummified finger bone.
—four poisonous arrows were found in a trap
—we remove the skull successfully—the skull has layers of runes that are old, the newest runes are the ones of arrow protection I> Rougly made—looks very old, maybe the sharp point of a dagger made it. Is older than Nedreama.
Leaving has more to do with fixing. We head northward to King’s road and toward the forest. The farther away the skull is from the fane, the weaker the fane’s magic gets. The skull is still the same power.
We travel one week and get back to the city. We stop at Ireena’s home and restock our supplies and rest.



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