Tales of Caledonia

The Sky is Falling!

Two days after resting there is a clear, sunny day—which is unusual. It may be a result of our actions. People are celebrating.
Around midday, at the Blood of the Vine tavern, we have lunch. The sky goes instantly black, as if the sun has been blotted out. We can still see the outlining glow of the sun. From the darkness comes a green comet—the glow withdraws into an object. It is still glowing but is not radiant any longer. The object is 10’ tall and 4’ wide. It impacts just outside of town. After impact, the eclipse ends and it returns to being a beautiful day. We see a column of smoke coming from the area of the church.
We go to the church where we find it destroyed. Only the front door is still intact. What remains is a smoldering crater that is not glowing. The object turns out to be a pod and it is laying there, ripped open. There are large humanoid tracks heading from the pod and leading west. The pod is made of fine steel and the base has a symbol on it-the symbol of the mother of the dead.
In the beginning there were four deities: forest, bravery, evil (shadows and darkness), and the seas.
The mother of the dead hates things being kept from her. The priest of the church had brought is son back from the dead—stolen him from her. This pod has destroyed the church. One of the mother of the dead’s prized champions is the chain lord.
There is a 4’ diameter circle with the symbol on it.
The back side has two things:
—pieces of the monster we killed before (he had not begun to decompose)
—also Jonathan’s original character, Lancairn—was a walker, may have been reforming.
As skull gets closer to remains, black smoke begins to appear from the remains. Smoke goes into the backpack—enters eye sockets and sockets glow briefly and then flicker out. Power of skull never changes. Something causes a reaction. Augury says that this is a good/positive thing.
The footsteps head westward—raven reports that he sees trees falling over. Some trees look broken off and some chopped. Damage goes in a straight line for the most part.
On way to Vistani camp we see Halfling tracks running away from the direction of the Vistani camp. The Vistani camp is much smaller than normal. The large ornate tent is gone. They are beginning to move out. They are heading east. Madame Eva moved in the evening of the previous night. Next camp is five days travel to the east, near what they call the Jewel Cities. We wish them well and head back to the path. We run into a rocky area where the path is hard to follow. When we do find it, it’s starting to curve to the north.
One tree has been left alone, he went around it. It’s an oak—sacred to the forest god, lover of the mother of the dead before she became such. Creatures of the mother of the dead treat the objects of the mother’s prior deity status, and that of her lover’s, as poison. I climb the tree, thank it for its sacrifice of branches and nuts, and collect a few and toss them down. I also look around. We hear rustling in the bushes heading toward us.
We get attacked. We hear a chain rattling from where we came from. Damage and energy drain (disadvantage on future rolls). Largest dire wolf has a collar and chain on it and is being held in check by a dwarf. Creatures are killed and wolf/bat flew away. We gain one dire wolf skin-Farcash. Group skins and take meat for food.



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