Tales of Caledonia

The Forest Fane

When the chain lord explodes, what is left behind starts to dissipate. We express our condolences to Madame Eva regarding the loss of the trolls and hill giant. We offer to resurrect them, but she says that it’s not a good idea to steal them back from the mother of the dead after killing her minion.
Madame Eva brings a box out of her wagon and places the floating box near the runes. She begins calling us over one by one to the chest. She gives gifts to those who protected her when uncalled for (is what she says). To release the power one must enter the fane. Madame Eva continues to dispense gifts to each member of the party. Afterwards, she disappears. Hawk identifies items. Ireena hears a voice: Hello, you must be Straud’s newest target. Ring of mindshielding—attunes to specific people only. We all rest for the night.
We wake, and the only evidence from yesterday is the campfire and the out of place boulder (and the furrow it created when thrown).
We find two holes the size of a finger, about 1’ apart. Og puts his fingers in the holes and suddenly disappears. Hawk does the same thing and disappears also. The lord of this fane was associated with the arcane.
We find ourselves in a 30’ x 30’ room. There is light, but no obvious light source. There is a table in the middle of the room and a shelf along one wall (is darker than the rest of the room). There is stuff on the shelf and a skeleton on the table. One bone has a carving of runes and sigils (the femur). The runes are similar to before, but in a different order. These are filled with gold and silver. Read magic: magic makes it a rod of absorption.
The shelf contains a small armory.
—lightweight crossbow with white runes carved toward the top. The runes say “white.”
—length of iron chain, 15” long, magic unknown
—shield with runes around the edge-similar to arcane runes in the circle of protection
—sword with a leather scabbard, started to rot. Sword feels cool to the touch
—The chain goes stiff when touched and looks like a wand, the sword creates ice when drawn and the shield has a spellguard.
—the crossbow is an oathbow (+1 all attack damage). When words are spoken the crossbow emits light. Can make an oath sworn aloud: swift death to you who have wronged me. Named becomes sworn enemy until 0 hit points or seven days and can’t make new oath until next morning. Get an additional 3 d 6 on hit. Ignore cover except total cover, suffer no disadvantage to long range and have advantage on rolls. Downside: while having sworn enemy I have disadvantage on every enemy but him.
We search the room and find a 3’ wide ring of iron with a baseball sized sapphire not touching the ground. Stones like this are often used to center a spell. Takes a spell’s power and flings it to somewhere else.
A spell’s center can be destroyed if it is removed from this plane. We put it in the bag of holding. The light goes out, there’s a loud noise and light comes back. The ring appears to have instantly aged and decayed.
On the wall, there’s an outline in chalk of a human with two holes in the torso. We transport back above ground and begin to head toward the mountains.



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