Tales of Caledonia

Slogging through the swamp

Recap: We won the battle and examine the enemy-all were lycanthropes (elvish). The leader has nice armor.
Elenya gains a masterwork longsword and 30 arrows (10 of which are masterwork also).
We move into a thicker part of the forest-transitioning to marsh and found the attacker’s campsite and equipment. We take an extended rest so that we’re at full health.
We begin to move into the swamp proper. The trail begins to deteriorate: brackish water is more often what we’re seeing now. I wildshape so I won’t sink into the deep mud. I spot a 6’ wide fissure that is 30’ long filled with brackish water—I warn the party to jump over the narrow end. I also send Hurrn to scout ahead. He spots a sort of village: straw roofs and very large occupants. The village is straight ahead and slightly left of our current trajectory. There are about 12 huts. Hurrn stays near the village to watch it.
We continue on—water is up to our knees, mud up to our ankles. We see a wall of vines, some of which are moving. They are bog creepers. We hear a plop plop plop bubbling up type of noise. There are gas vents that are slowly exploding from below. We move on and hear something near us sloshing through the swamp—similar to how an alligator moves. It’s a kobold with an unusually long snout. We get past the kobolds without being detected. We reach the village near dusk. As we get closer to the village the ground begins to become more solid ground instead of swamp.
Hurrn approaches and says that he saw bog trolls. Some built a fire, and some took spears and went to the swamp to hunt. There are 12 huts, with 100 sq ft between the huts. The huts are about 10 × 10.
We find suitable camping in the trees. The late night watch will see the giant bat out patrolling. It seems to know where we are. Otherwise, everything is calm during the night. Hurrn says that everyone is back in the village for the night, the fire is burnt out and they are sleeping. We make it through the village and move quickly through the terrain using spells to assist us. By the time the spells end we’ve made it to firmer, but still muddy ground.
Ireena remembers vaguely that the fane is about 200 yards to the north. Hurrn finds the clearing—a circular area where there are no trees. The ruins are overgrown by the swamp. There’s a large, round table with runes on it.
We make it to the place Hurrn sees and find the fane. Here the water is clear. The strongest source of magic is from below the stone table. It’s a form of consecration magic, approximately the size of a softball. There’s also the feeling of abjuration, necromancy, conjuration (water), and purification (keeping the water clear). The runes translate into a binding spell. Whoever’s blood is spilled here can command the fane of the marsh.
Kirk and Damian try swimming to the table. Blood red worms start swimming toward them. The worms are about 20’ long and 5’ wide. We begin our fight. The table itself is 20’ wide and has places to tie off. There is 50’ between where the main part of the party is to the table.
!(Sea Hag)
X (Hawk) (Nedreama) (Table)
-———-20’ water——————--—————30’ land——————————{———table is 20’ wide————-}
A sea hag enters the clearing (swamp hag). She’s 12’ tall. We kill all! :D
We attain level 8 and wait for the next session.



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